Steps to creating ultimate manifesting

Today I listened to the podcast from Manifest it Now – Ginney Gane & Cassey Parks. .

The episode from June 2 2019 “What am I doing Wrong with My Manifesting?” was so full of practical tips for teaching anyone HOW to change their thinking that I had to sit and write down this process for my own learning and to anchor it.    Below is my interpretation of this podcast – I have to give Ginny & Cassey all of the credit for their insight.

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 3 simple steps:

Background: You change your life by changing how you think about yourself and what you’re experiencing.  You do this by thought AND by changing your energy (your personal law of attraction).

RE-READ THOSE LAST TWO SENTENCES.  IF you don’t believe those two sentences – please stop reading  because you have to believe those foundational sentences before you can invoke this process:

These three steps will apply to ANYTHING you want to change in your life:  your health, your financial situation, your relationships, your career…..literally anything.

Step 1:  RECOGNIZE what your story is about your current situation.  Are you telling a story of misery & ‘Woe is me’ / “nothing ever works for me’.  Or are you telling a HALF story with a BUT.  For example, if you’re trying to manifest more $$ in your life…… “I manifested $10,000 this month, but I had to pay all of it out in back taxes.”  RECOGNIZE YOUR STORY AND YOUR THOUGHTS and realize everywhere where you’re putting out any negativity that will negate your positive law of attraction energy!

Step 2:  SHIFT & RESPECT THE NEUTRAL  Imagine that your energetic magnetism is engaged just like driving a car.  If you’re driving your car in REVERSE, you CANNOT go into drive without going through NEUTRAL.  EVEN if you’re driving a manual transmission & you try to FORCE the transmission from reverse to first gear, you still physically have to go through the neutral to get there.  You can do this quickly and screw up your car and waste a lot of $$ and time in the repair shop, SO DON’T DO THIS STEP QUICKLY with your car OR with your personal law of attraction energy!    In the example above: CHANGE YOUR STORY to be ALL Postive and JUST STOP AT THE “BUT”.

There is no need to negate the positive with the negative.  The positive of $$ coming in is negated with $$ going out.  CHANGE THIS STORY TO “THERE IS ENOUGH!  “I got in $10,000 just in time to pay what I needed! ”

In other words, your personal financial story cannot be:

“I never have enough $$” and shifting directly to “I have financial ABUNDANCE”.  Your personal energy cannot make that shift without confusing your thoughts, your personality and your energy signature!

To shift from being financially challenged to financially abundant, you have to shift through neutral until your energy, your thoughts and your personality completely OWNS being in the NEUTRAL:

“I never have enough $$” story needs to shift to “I always have ENOUGH for what I need” and THEN, shift into “I have financial Abundance!”.

Giving yourself enough time IN THE NEUTRAL will allow your energy to stop the momentum from a lifetime of energetic negative polarity before engaging in positive polarity.

In other words, there is a polarity continuum in effect for ANY law of attraction changes you want to implement.  To shift from the negative polarity to the positive polarity, you must go through Neutral.


Being in neutral is a great time to just catch your breath.  BREATH and be at ease with who you are and where you are.  Forgive yourself for your negative beliefs, thoughts, and actions.  Recognize that there is ENOUGH for you.  IF it’s a relationship issue – use neutral to recover from the failed relationship and get to know yourself again.  Be kind to yourself.  Energize yourself and your soul with love for yourself before you chase another relationship.

If financial worries are your issue, look at your accounts without judgment and realize that they’re just numbers, neither good or bad.  Recognize that you do have enough coming in to cover your essentials.  In neutral, trim the unnecessary expenses that you don’t need and you’ll realize you do have enough.  Energetically get comfortable with that before you try to shift to an ‘abundance’ mindset.

STEP 3:  Shift to POSITIVE.

This is where you want to be!  Continually focus on the good in your situation.  Don’t tell a story of struggle if you don’t want struggle in your life.

IF you find $1.00 and that’s all you find for a week – keep talking about how awesome it was that you found a dollar!  BE EXCITED ABOUT IT and enjoy that feeling energetically.  Eventually, you’ll have more and more money flowing to you.

If you’re looking for love, enjoy every new person you meet and enjoy their good qualities.  You don’t have to marry everyone you meet, but you must enjoy the things you do like about those you do meet.  Enjoy the qualities you really want in the person you’re looking for and you’ll find more and more of that in the right people.


In summary – remember that to shift your energy from lack to abundance, you MUST SHIFT THROUGH NEUTRAL.  When you’re in a state of LACK or negative and you want to be positive and abundant, remember the famous quote given out in Maine almost every day to drivers asking for directions “You can’t get there from here!”.  Energetically you have to go to neutral first!