Thankful4.today is a site where you can write about what you’re THANKFUL FOR TODAY.

Thankfulness, in any area of your life, is like a powerful magnet!  It keeps your present in today, and focused on what’s important in your life.  The more you focus on what you’re thankful for, the more you’ll receive!


Even if you don’t have much of something in your life, if you are truly thankful for even the smallest amount of what you DO have today, and keep that top of mind continuously, and shout out to the universe that THAT is what you’re thankful for, the universe will send you more of it!

Start today – simply create an account and start shouting out to the universe what you’re thankful for today!

The more you focus on all aspects of what you’re thankful for, the MORE the universe will begin to flood your life with even more of it!

Not thankful for anything?  Then it’s time to DIG DEEP and find ONE THING you’re thankful for.  Maybe its the sun coming up again this morning and giving you another day to learn something new?  Maybe it’s that FATE had you look down and find a penny on the ground for you to freely pick up!

The point of this site is for you to begin.  We’re here to help!  Post something and see what comes back to you.

Be happy in the present and envision your future to change your reality!