How can I NOT be thankful?

I get a daily reminder to post something I’m thankful for to this site.
Some days I’m honestly too busy to post. Some days I just procrastinate.
Some days I’m just not grateful – at that exact moment. This is what I’m trying to change.
How could I not be thankful?

Is there too much pain in my body, in my mind or in my memories?

My mind or body would say yes’ and the depression and pain of life affirms its
grip on me…tightly.
But my heart..… heart, whenever I connect to it and let it lead my feelings…my heart will ALWAYS find something to me thankful for.

So today I’m thankful that I realize that I can live with my HEART and SOUL leading my life.

Not my mind or body.

My heart will be thankful for just being here. Being present. No matter what conditions I’m facing. I’m thankful to be here, now. I’m thankful God has granted me today.

I will let Gods love warm my heart and melt my pain and depression away.
And if it can’t be melted away, I will just be thankful for the pain and depression because, at the very least I am here feeling it. And every day is different. I will feel some joy today- even if that joy is just knowing that I’m still feeling something -even it if its pain. It might be small but I will be thankful that I am here to experience it.

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