My Dad and Uncle

My dad inspired me to tackle anything. My uncle inspired me with his work and experience.
They were best friends and truly enjoyed each other. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have both of them in my life.

Dad encouraged me to always be learning and to never be afraid to tackle anything. I’ve tackled more than he thought I could or should.
Now they’re both gone and I’m tackling a huge renovation of our master bath and closets. It’s a much bigger job than I should be doing by myself. I won’t be able to show them my work when I’m done. I’m remembering my last house when I did this and they both came a did all of the plumbing rough in work. I’m doing all of that this time around. It’s confusing for me and not easy. I really wish they were here to guide me through it.
I miss them both so much.

I am truly thankful for everything they taught me and showed me by how they lived their lives and how they always tried to teach me what they knew.

Thank you Dad.
Thank you Uncle Carl.

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