Very small things

When I’m not happy with my current status in life – I HAVE to focus on the small wins & raise my vibe that way. Sometimes it’s the sunshine. Sometimes it’s the birds singing. Sometimes it’s a good cup of coffee.
If I focus on these small things for (as the LOA guidelines say) 17 seconds I can find that I can quickly find other, more personal things that I’m thankful for.
Today I’m truly thankful for waking up next to my wife. She held my hand this morning and rubbed my back and comforted me – letting me know she is with me and beside me as my partner. She is my rock, even when she is struggling, I know I can count on here. Even when I don’t deserve her compassion. Even when she doesn’t under how we got to where we are, she still stands beside me and with me I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Her commitment to me is NO small thing. It’s the biggest, most important thing to me in the world. Some days I don’t see it because I’m lost in the weeds, but I can get there anytime I need to by focusing on the good, small things first.

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