Rain in May!

I always say ‘never trust May’. That’s not a bad thing. It just means that May might be the most fickle month that Pennsylvania experiences. Some years it’s beautiful. Other years it’s cold with fleeting snow / sleet surprises. This year it’s wet. Not everyday. Just the days when we want / need it to be dry. Like the weekends. We had a few beautiful days during the week but just as Saturday rolls around when we want to get in some soccer games or go camping- here comes the rain!

It can be incredibly frustrating and disappointing. Just like life. When we want or even NEED things to go our way, POW something happens. A bad day at work or a bully at school or accidentally burning the burgers on the grill and everything gets thrown awry.

Here I am at 52 still not knowing how to keep life’s challenges from throwing me for a loop. So I’m writing this as a reminder. I can’t control everything. It rains.

It rains in May on weekends when we have soccer games. Sometimes the best we can do is just sit. And just be present. We don’t have to enjoy it but we can face it and look forward to getting into a warm car and turning on the heat and driving home. We can look forward to looking back on this time and laughing about it.

We can’t control this. The very best we can do sometimes is just sit in the cold rain, try to stay dry and be here for my son getting soaked in the cold rain. I’m trying to be as present as possible for my family and myself. But lately I’m just looking forward to putting this time of my life in my past.

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