On tough days I can still be thankful….

This last year has been difficult for everyone. Even on the days that are most difficult, I can still find things to be thankful for.

Today, I’m thankful for the world around me. That is is so incredibly beautiful. I have a garden giving be a bowl full of fresh strawberries everyday. I didn’t make that. That is cleary a gift from God.

I have blue skies above me and a cool breeze. I didn’t make those things. These are simply gifts for me to experience. I just have to remember to focus on these gifts.

I’m thankful that I’ll never be done learning and growing and discovering! There is ALWAYS something new here. I just have to look for it!

I am so thankful to have the chance to experience everything. To witness my feelings come and go. Both good and bad.

Everything can change moment to moment and, as long as I focus on the gifts around me, nothing can or does go wrong.


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